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Starting New

Purchasing a new sound system can be an overwhelming process. Don’t worry! Look to us for guidance through the process. We will help you find the right sound system that fits within your budget.


Looking to upgrade your audio equipment? We can direct you to the upgrade that best fits your individual needs. Not only will your system sound better, it will be easier to use as well.


Audio engineering is a daunting task and it's hard to understand all the different elements. We can teach you everything from the setup to the tear down that will maximize your live audio experience.

Live Engineering

It takes expertise to pull together an outstanding live event. We can use your equipment or bring in our own for a complete audio experience. Hire us to engineer your event and you'll see why live audio engineering is our specialty.

Adam Petrowski Photo
Alex ran sound for Minnesota's first contemporary a cappella festival which was a huge success! One of the groups included two time world champions, Six Appeal. The state of the art technology Alex uses, mixed with his wide range of knowledge for this genre makes Audio Max Production an enjoyable company to work with!
Adam Petrowski, AEA Representative, Gainesville High School